7 Best Platforms to Sell AI Generated Images

Making Money online, Sell AI Generated Images Online
Making Money online, Sell AI Generated Images Online


In today’s digital age, artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized various industries, including the creation of digital art. AI-generated images offer unique and versatile content that appeals to a wide range of audiences. For artists looking to sell AI generated images, choosing the right platform to sell their images is crucial. In this article, we’ll explore seven of the best platforms for selling AI-generated images, each offering its own set of features, pros, and cons.

List of Best Platforms to Sell AI Generated Images

1. iStock by Getty Images: A Premier Stock Photo Platform

iStock by Getty Images is renowned for its vast user base and diverse content. It provides a platform for artists to sell high-quality, unique AI-generated images to a global audience. With both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing options, artists can earn competitive royalty rates. However, the competitive landscape and strict quality standards may pose challenges for AI artists.


  • Accepts high-quality, unique AI-generated images.
  • Offers both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing.
  • High exposure potential with strict quality standards.


  • High exposure potential
  • Diverse buyer needs
  • Strong brand recognition


  • Highly competitive landscape
  • Strict quality standards
  • Royalty rates might be lower than other platforms

Suitability: Ideal for high-quality, versatile AI art targeting broader audiences.

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2. Dreamstime: Ideal for Beginners and Niche Markets

Dreamstime offers a welcoming platform for new artists and budget-conscious buyers. Artists can sell good-quality AI images with lower entry barriers compared to iStock. While the user base may be smaller, Dreamstime attracts niche markets with affordable pricing, making it suitable for artists starting out with AI art or targeting specific audiences.


  • Lower entry barriers than iStock.
  • Accepts good-quality, unique AI images.
  • Offers both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing at lower royalty rates.


  • Easier for beginners with AI art
  • Attracts niche markets with affordable pricing
  • Good platform for experimentation


  • Smaller user base
  • Lower potential sales and royalty rates

Suitability: Ideal for starting out with AI art or targeting niche markets.

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3. 123RF: Balancing Quality and Accessibility

123RF provides a versatile platform to sell AI generated images in various styles. With competitive royalty rates falling between iStock and Dreamstime, it appeals to artists seeking a balance between affordability and potential sales. Despite some competition and quality standards, 123RF offers opportunities for artists to showcase their AI art to a diverse user base.


  • Accepts good-quality, unique AI images in various styles.
  • Offers both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing with balanced royalty rates.


  • Diverse user base
  • Good balance between affordability and potential sales
  • Allows for multiple content formats


  • Competition can be high
  • Royalty rates are not the highest

Suitability: Good for various AI art styles, especially those offering multiple content formats.

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4. ArtStation: Fostering a Community of Artists

ArtStation focuses on showcasing and selling high-quality artwork, including AI art. While it doesn’t have a specific AI art policy, artists can leverage the platform’s strong community for feedback and networking. Direct sales and subscription models offer potential for ongoing income, making ArtStation ideal for artists committed to building their reputation within a dedicated community.


  • No specific AI art policy, but quality is crucial.
  • Offers direct sales and subscription models for ongoing income.


  • Attracts serious art buyers
  • Potential for higher profits through direct sales
  • Builds your reputation as an AI artist


  • Smaller user base
  • Requires active marketing

Suitability: Ideal for high-quality, unique AI art with a distinct style.

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5. SuperRare: Exploring the World of NFTs

SuperRare is an exclusive NFT marketplace for rare, unique digital art. While there’s no specific policy on AI art, the platform prioritizes uniqueness and artistic merit. Artists can leverage blockchain technology for secure ownership and verification, though success depends on community engagement and navigating a highly competitive market. You can sell AI generated images and can make healthy amount of money.


  • Utilizes blockchain technology for secure ownership.
  • Potential for high one-time sales.


  • Possibility for high individual sales
  • Exclusive rights for collectors
  • Attracts collectors interested in cutting-edge digital art


  • Highly competitive
  • Success relies on luck and timing

Suitability: Suitable for truly exceptional AI art pieces with a strong community.

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6. OpenSea: Embracing a Broader NFT Marketplace

OpenSea offers a broader NFT marketplace, including AI art. With greater flexibility in pricing and formats compared to SuperRare, it attracts a more diverse user base. While competition is still present, artists can benefit from reaching a wider audience and engaging with the community through effective marketing strategies.


  • Greater flexibility in pricing and auction formats.
  • More diverse user base.


  • Flexibility in pricing
  • Potential for wider audience reach


  • Still competitive
  • Requires effective marketing

Suitability: Good for various AI art styles, especially those with flexible pricing.

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7. Freepik: Best to Sell AI Generated Images

Freepik is a large platform for free and paid stock photos, illustrations, and vectors. While it offers limited paid options for AI generated images, artists can leverage the platform’s large user base for exposure and potential passive income. However, fierce competition from free content and low royalty rates pose challenges for earning significant profits.


  • Limited paid options for high-quality, unique AI images.
  • Offers both exclusive and non-exclusive licensing.


  • Large user base
  • Good for gaining exposure


  • Very limited paid options for AI images
  • Low royalty rates

Suitability: Suitable for exceptional AI art that can compete with free content.

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Sell AI generated images, which offers artists an opportunity to monetize their creations and reach a global audience. By choosing the right platform based on their goals and the nature of their AI art, artists can maximize their earning potential and establish their presence in the digital art market. Whether it’s through premier stock photo platforms like iStock or exploring the world of NFTs on platforms like SuperRare, artists have a range of options to showcase and sell their AI-generated images.


1. Can I sell OpenAI images?

Simple answer is “YES, YOU CAN SELL” but OpenAI has policies regarding the commercial use of its models and outputs. It’s important to review their terms of use and licensing agreements to understand what is allowed regarding the sale of images generated using OpenAI models.

2. Can I sell AI generated images on Fiverr?

While there may be opportunities to sell AI-generated images on Fiverr, it’s essential to ensure that your offerings comply with the platform’s terms of service and any relevant legal or ethical considerations. You may need to clarify in your gig descriptions that the images are generated using AI and specify any usage rights or restrictions.

3. How much money can I make selling AI generated images?

Earning potential varies depending on factors like the quality of your images, the platform you choose, and the demand for your work. Some artists have achieved significant success selling AI-generated images, while others may experience more modest earnings. Consistency, quality, and marketing efforts play crucial roles in determining your income.

Yes, it’s essential to consider legal aspects such as copyright, intellectual property rights, and licensing agreements when selling AI-generated images. Make sure you have the necessary rights to sell the images, and clearly communicate any usage restrictions to buyers to avoid potential legal issues.

5. How do I choose the right platform to sell AI generated images?

Consider factors such as the platform’s user base, royalty rates, licensing options, and suitability for your style of AI art. Research each platform thoroughly and choose one that aligns with your goals, target audience, and artistic vision.