Best PS5 Games 2024: Ranking the Top 20 Hits

PS5 games for free
PS5 games for free

Explore the top 20 PS5 games for 2024, featuring action, adventure, and multiplayer thrills. From “Spider-Man: Miles Morales” to “Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut,” experience immersive worlds and epic battles. Whether you love shooters, narratives, or racing, this list has it all. Get ready to dive into the best PS5 games of the year!


  • Genre: Battle Royale Play
  • Style: Fast-paced, competitive, building mechanics

Fortnite drops players onto an island where they scavenge for weapons and resources while outlasting opponents in a last-person-standing battle royale. With its unique building mechanics, players can construct structures on-the-fly for defense or offense, adding a dynamic layer to traditional shooter gameplay. Constant updates introduce new weapons, items, and limited-time events, keeping the experience fresh and engaging for millions of players worldwide.

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II/III/Warzone 2.0

  • Genre: First-person Shooter Play
  • Style: Tactical, intense, multiplayer

The Call of Duty franchise continues its legacy of adrenaline-pumping action with the Modern Warfare series and the ever-evolving Warzone mode. Players immerse themselves in high-stakes combat scenarios, featuring realistic weaponry and fast-paced multiplayer gameplay. Whether engaged in intense firefights in Modern Warfare’s campaign mode or battling it out in Warzone’s massive battle royale map, the franchise delivers heart-pounding action and competitive multiplayer experiences.

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Grand Theft Auto V

  • Genre: Action-Adventure, Open World Play
  • Style: Open-ended, sandbox, criminal escapades

Grand Theft Auto V thrusts players into the sprawling metropolis of Los Santos, where they navigate a vast open world ripe for exploration and criminal activity. From high-speed car chases to intricate heists, players can immerse themselves in a variety of illicit endeavors. With its engaging narrative, diverse cast of characters, and expansive multiplayer mode, GTA V offers an unparalleled sandbox experience where players can live out their wildest criminal fantasies.

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EA Sports FC 24

  • Genre: Sports Simulation Play
  • Style: Authentic, competitive, team-based

EA Sports FC 24 brings the excitement of professional football (soccer) to players worldwide. With meticulously crafted gameplay mechanics and realistic player animations, the game captures the intensity and drama of the beautiful game. Whether competing in offline tournaments or testing skills against other players online, EA Sports FC 24 offers immersive gameplay that simulates the thrill of scoring a last-minute goal or making a crucial save.


  • Genre: User-generated Content, Sandbox Play
  • Style: Creative, multiplayer, diverse

Roblox is a platform where players can unleash their creativity and build their own virtual worlds or explore those created by others. With a vast array of user-generated games ranging from obstacle courses to role-playing adventures, Roblox offers endless entertainment for players of all ages. Whether designing custom avatars, creating mini-games, or collaborating with friends, the platform encourages creativity and community engagement in a dynamic and ever-expanding virtual universe.

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

  • Genre: Tactical Shooter, Team-based Play
  • Style: Strategic, teamwork-oriented, destructible environments

Rainbow Six Siege pits players in intense, close-quarters combat as elite counter-terrorism operators. With a focus on strategy and teamwork, players must coordinate with their teammates to breach, defend, or rescue objectives in highly dynamic environments. The game’s emphasis on destructible environments adds an extra layer of tactical depth, allowing players to creatively manipulate their surroundings to gain an advantage over their opponents.


  • Genre: Sandbox, Survival Play
  • Style: Creative, exploration, crafting

Minecraft is a world of endless possibilities, where players can explore vast landscapes, mine resources, and build anything imaginable. Whether constructing elaborate structures, embarking on epic adventures, or collaborating with friends in multiplayer worlds, Minecraft offers boundless opportunities for creativity and exploration. With its simple yet robust crafting system and charming blocky aesthetic, the game has become a cultural phenomenon beloved by players of all ages.

Rocket League

  • Genre: Sports, Racing Play
  • Style: High-octane, competitive, vehicular soccer

Rocket League combines the thrill of high-speed racing with the excitement of soccer, as players control rocket-powered cars to score goals in dynamic arenas. With its easy-to-learn, difficult-to-master gameplay, Rocket League offers fast-paced action and endless replayability. Whether competing in ranked matches, participating in tournaments, or customizing cars with a variety of cosmetic options, the game delivers exhilarating gameplay experiences that keep players coming back for more.

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NBA 2K24

  • Genre: Sports Simulation Play
  • Style: Realistic, competitive, basketball

NBA 2K24 brings the excitement of professional basketball to life with stunning graphics, realistic player animations, and immersive gameplay mechanics. Whether dominating the court in single-player modes or facing off against friends in online multiplayer matches, players can experience the thrill of dribbling, shooting, and dunking their way to victory. With its deep customization options, expansive roster of NBA superstars, and engaging career mode, NBA 2K24 offers an authentic basketball experience like never before.

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Helldivers 2

  • Genre: Top-down Shooter, Co-op Play
  • Style: Chaotic, strategic, cooperative

Description: Helldivers 2 plunges players into a relentless war against alien forces, where teamwork and strategy are paramount for survival. As elite soldiers deployed to hostile planets, players must coordinate their actions to complete objectives and fend off hordes of enemies. With procedurally generated missions, dynamic environments, and a wide array of weapons and abilities, Helldivers 2 offers intense and unpredictable cooperative gameplay that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

Apex Legends

  • Genre: Battle Royale, First-person Shooter Play
  • Style: Fast-paced, team-based, character abilities

Apex Legends throws players into the heart of a vibrant, sci-fi-infused battle royale experience. With a diverse roster of Legends, each boasting unique abilities and playstyles, players must form strategic squads and battle it out in a constantly shrinking arena. From intense firefights to daring escapes using ziplines and jump pads, Apex Legends delivers adrenaline-fueled action that rewards teamwork and skillful execution.

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Madden NFL 24

  • Genre: Sports Simulation Play
  • Style: Authentic, strategic, American football

Madden NFL 24 immerses players in the excitement and intensity of American football. With realistic graphics, immersive commentary, and true-to-life player movements, the game faithfully recreates the NFL experience. Whether managing a franchise, competing in head-to-head matchups, or showcasing skills in Ultimate Team mode, Madden NFL 24 offers a comprehensive football simulation that caters to both casual fans and hardcore enthusiasts.

Fallout 4

  • Genre: Action Role-playing, Open World Play
  • Style: Exploration, decision-making, post-apocalyptic survival

Fallout 4 transports players to a retro-futuristic world devastated by nuclear war, where they must navigate a sprawling open world filled with dangers and opportunities. From scavenging for resources to engaging in dynamic combat encounters with mutated creatures and hostile factions, players can forge their own path in a morally ambiguous landscape. With its deep role-playing mechanics, branching narrative, and expansive crafting system, Fallout 4 offers countless hours of immersive gameplay in a captivating post-apocalyptic setting.

Overwatch 2

  • Genre: First-person Shooter, Hero Shooter Play
  • Style: Team-based, objective-focused, hero abilities

Overwatch 2 continues the saga of Blizzard’s acclaimed team-based shooter, pitting players against each other in fast-paced, objective-driven matches. With a diverse cast of heroes, each equipped with unique abilities and playstyles, players must work together to secure objectives, push payloads, and outmaneuver their opponents. From intense firefights to strategic ultimate ability combos, Overwatch 2 offers exhilarating gameplay that emphasizes teamwork, coordination, and skillful hero mastery.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

  • Genre: Action-Adventure Play
  • Style: Open-world traversal, superhero combat, narrative-driven

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 swings players into the shoes of the iconic web-slinger as he navigates the bustling streets of New York City and battles against formidable foes. With fluid web-swinging mechanics, acrobatic combat, and a gripping storyline set in the Marvel Universe, the game offers a thrilling superhero experience. Whether foiling crimes, exploring the city skyline, or facing off against classic villains, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 delivers high-flying action and emotional storytelling that captures the essence of being a superhero.

Fall Guys

  • Genre: Party, Battle Royale Play
  • Style: Chaotic, colorful, mini-game madness

Fall Guys pits players against each other in a whimsical battle royale where jellybean-like characters compete in a series of hilarious mini-games. From navigating obstacle courses to surviving chaotic team challenges, players must outwit and outmaneuver their opponents to be the last one standing. With its vibrant visuals, quirky physics, and addictive gameplay, Fall Guys offers lighthearted fun that’s perfect for parties or solo play.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III

  • Genre: First-person Shooter Play
  • Style: Fast-paced, futuristic, multiplayer mayhem

Call of Duty: Black Ops III thrusts players into a high-octane, futuristic battlefield where advanced technology and enhanced soldiers clash in intense multiplayer combat. With a variety of multiplayer modes, including traditional deathmatch and objective-based missions, players can customize their loadouts and unlock powerful abilities to dominate the competition. Whether engaged in fast-paced firefights or executing coordinated team strategies, Black Ops III delivers non-stop action and adrenaline-fueled gameplay.

Red Dead Redemption 2

  • Genre: Action-Adventure, Open World Play
  • Style: Immersive, cinematic, western epic

Red Dead Redemption 2 transports players to the rugged landscapes of the American frontier, where they assume the role of Arthur Morgan, an outlaw gunslinger navigating the decline of the Wild West. From epic gunfights to moral dilemmas, players must make choices that shape Arthur’s fate and influence the world around them. With its breathtaking visuals, richly detailed world, and compelling narrative, Red Dead Redemption 2 offers an immersive open-world experience that captures the essence of the western genre.

Stellar Blade

  • Genre: Sci-Fi Action, Hack and Slash Play
  • Style: Intense combat, futuristic setting, RPG elements

Stellar Blade propels players into a futuristic universe where they wield powerful weapons and abilities to battle against alien threats and cybernetic foes. With fluid combat mechanics, players can unleash devastating combos and utilize a variety of high-tech gadgets to overcome challenges. As they progress, players can customize their characters with upgrades and unlock new skills, enhancing their combat prowess and adapting to different play styles. With its immersive sci-fi world and fast-paced action, Stellar Blade offers an adrenaline-fueled adventure through the cosmos.


  • Genre: Sports Simulation Play
  • Style: Realistic, strategic, soccer (football)

FIFA 23 brings the world’s most popular sport to life with stunning realism and immersive gameplay. With authentic player likenesses, dynamic weather effects, and realistic ball physics, the game captures the intensity and drama of professional soccer (football) matches. Whether competing in career mode, leading a favorite team to victory in Ultimate Team, or challenging friends in online multiplayer, FIFA 23 offers a comprehensive soccer simulation experience that appeals to fans of the sport worldwide.